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'Africans in America' | In Conversation with Hank Willis Thomas

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In Context,’ is an ongoing programme of exhibitions, lectures, and artistic interventions in Johannesburg, we speak to Hank Willis Thomas about relevancy of the exhibition, within the context of the newfound international interest in African art. As well as get his opinion on the differences between race identity in South Africa versus the United States, and his transition from artist to curator.

'Re(as)sisting Narratives' | A Group Exhibition at Framer Framed, Amsterdam

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The group exhibition curated by Chandra Frank at Framer Framed in Amsterdam, attempts to open new conversations by addressing silenced trajectories. As the title ‘Re(as)sisting Narratives’ suggests, the exhibition marks a simultaneous attempt to ‘resist’ the prescribed colonial narrative, and through this process ‘assist’ alternate ways of seeing.

'In Context: Africans in America,' an introductory text by Liza Essers

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'In Context,’ an ongoing programme of exhibitions, lectures, and artistic interventions that began in Johannesburg in 2010 under the guidance of Liza Essers, is set to take place once more with the opening of 'Africans in America' at the Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg this evening. “One of the many ideas that circulated as the project began to take shape, was the dynamics of place and geography (political, social, as well as physical) in reference to the African context – with its many and varied iterations,” explains Essers, who sheds some light on the history, curatorial focus, and aims of the event in this introductory text.

'AKAA: Also Known As Africa:' In Conversation with Victoria Mann

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After having to cancel their first art fair and refund all the exhibitors in the wake of the horrific November 13th attacks in Paris 2015, Also Known As Africa (AKAA) has made a massive comeback, as witnessed at the inaugural event this last week. Prior to its opening, ART AFRICA spoke to fair director Victoria Mann to find out more about the curatorial framework for the event and how, with the help of Elisabeth Lalouschek (Artistic Director & Director of Art Sales at October Gallery) and Simon Njami (Artistic Director of the Dak’Art Biennale 2016), they managed to bounce back.

'Merveilles inconvenantes: Chasseur-cueilleur: sur l'esthétique survivaliste dans l'œuvre de Kai Lossgott' par Nadine Bilong

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La focalisation sur l'objet déchet est un moyen d'identifier et d'intégrer l'invisible dans nos commandes d'être. Même dans le déni et la fuite, nous sommes en relation permanente avec ces invisibles inaperçus qui font partie de notre entité. En les rendant visibles, Kai Lossgott nous interpelle sur l'opacité de la transparence.

Quality over Quantity: Aspire's Inaugural Sale

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Aspire Art Auction’s inaugural sale on 31 October 2016, which took place in a new venue at The Park on 7 in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, was bursting at the seams with seasoned and new bidders, proving that the market is ripe for top quality art. Viewers complimented the curated selection of works on offer and the museum quality aesthetic of the installation.

Goodman Gallery Cape Town Opens Video Room

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Goodman Gallery will have a new street-level presence in Cape Town when its Video Room opens on Saturday, 29 October downstairs from the gallery in Fairweather House on Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock’s main artery. The space will add a dynamic element to the gallery’s programming with curated films on show, book launches, performances and print exhibitions. 

'Ruin Lust:' Matthew Hindley at Everard Read, Johannesburg, by Danny Shorkend

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Matthew Hindley has extended his series of paintings, entitled 'Resurrection' exhibited at Everard Read in Cape Town last year with its focus on fire and destruction in a new body of work and has developed a slightly different stylistic methodology. His most recent body of work, 'Ruin Lust' at Everard Read in Johannesburg explores the fascination, even aesthetic beauty, associated with violence, explosions, and bomb blasts. In conversation with the artist, what became evident is that in his steering away from the merely 'pretty,' the artist wishes the viewer (and he himself) to confront the shadow side; that a recognition of one's lust for violence and chaos may in fact be cathartic. Tragedy in art may ironically lead to healthier or more profound living.

'The Town is the Venue:' A walk and talk with Claudia Zeiske in Simon's Town

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Situated in the small rural town of Huntly in the North East of Scotland, Deveron Arts is an international residency programme that was established in 1995 by director Claudia Zeiske, Annette Gisselbaek, and Jean Longley. Rather than occupying a defined space, Zeiske’s approach to artistic practice is to integrate artists into the small, albeit historic village, where artists are required to build an engaged, process-based project through site-specific processes within the town and the larger global community.

AKAA: Special Projects 2016

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This year, AKAA welcomes five Special Projects. These exhibits hold a prominent place in the cultural programming of AKAA, whose goal is the development of cultural initiatives that contribute to increase the visibility of artists in Africa and beyond.

'Flux: In the Name of the Game' By Valerie Kabov

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The coming six months will perhaps be some of the most interesting and testing times in the story of African contemporary art and its international market engagement. From September 2016 to February 2017, there will be eight art fairs dedicated to African art, three of which will be first editions (Art X Lagos, AKAA and Accra Contemporary) and five of which will be on the continent (FNB JoburgArtFair, Art X Lagos, Accra Contemporary, Cape Town Art Fair and the ART AFRICA Fair), as well as the already established 1:54, London. The expansion of market events in the African contemporary art scene appears a sensible progression from the enormous attention that African contemporary art has received over the past three to four years. However, to treat the current status quo as a fait accomplis, without analysing the broader historical context and current international market trends beyond the niche, would be a mistake.

Making Space: A Panel Discussion at Greatmore Studios, Cape Town

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Crowded into the newly renovated Greatmore Studios in Cape Town, a congregation of artists, writers, gallerists, curators, educators, and facilitators sat down to an aptly titled panel discussion, 'Making Space.' This conversation took place a couple months ago, yet in light of the current #FeesMustFall movement, it would appear that the need for such conversations and the need to create alternative spaces for education and growth is more prevelant now than ever. 

'Nothing Personal:' A Group Exhibition at SMAC Gallery, Stellenbosch

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Lhola Amira is sitting at a table, a glass of wine in one hand, looking pensively at the laptop screen in front of her. She’s dressed in a smart, earth coloured onesie, high-heels and head gear. There’s a chopping board on the table; a big cutting knife; a packet of menthol cigarettes; two bottles of wine; a bag of red onions; a book; and underwear – lots of it. By this point, the onions are lying in a large, homogenous and finely-diced heap next to the knife. There’s a suitcase lying open on the floor, full of colourful underwear. She stands up and continues dicing the remaining onions, knocking the tears back with wine. At one point she grabs a cigarette off the table, moving toward the window of the gallery space where she lights up, observing the people around her.

On Collected Stories in the Private Archive | Emeka Okereke

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Originally published by Invisible Borders, this text by founder Emeka Okereke forms part of Borders-Within: The Trans-Nigerian Road Trip, which took place over the course of six weeks, beginning in Lagos on 12th May 2016. Through both a written and photographic record, this particular text tells of Okereke's respective conversations with two men, both of whom had experienced the Nigerian Civil War of 1967 - 1970.

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair: Touria El Glaoui

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Initiated by Touria El Glaoui in 2013, 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair will return to London between the 6th - 9th October 2016, marking its fourth consecutive edition at Somerset House.
Since its inception the fair has grown to include more work from a wider range of voices. Testament to this are the approximate forty participating exhibitors, presenting over one-hundred and ffty African and African diasporan artists. Rather than just a space to view art, the fair encourages engagement and the exchange of ideas and knowledge across disciplines and locales. As fair Director Touria El Glaoui points out in the interview to follow, 1:54 functions as a bridge between Africa and the West, "working with organisations and initiatives beyond 1:54, and outside of London and New York, in order to make dialogue possible beyond the fair itself."

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