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Durban International Film Festival Highlights

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The Durban International Film Festival takes place from 17 – 27 July 2014. The festival includes more than 200 theatrical screenings and a full seminar and workshop programme, as well as the Wavescape Film Festival, the Wild Talk Africa Film Festival.

Skattie Celebrates launching in Cape Town

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Skattie Magazine will be launching the first in a series of projects celebrating emerging South African artists/creatives with an event to be held at Blank gallery in Woodstock, Cape Town, on Thursday July 10 2014.
Titled Skattie Celebrates… the first in the series features illustrator Unathi Mkonto.


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KLA ART 014 is Kampala’s biennial contemporary art festival. Throughout the month of October, the festival will showcase contemporary artists from Uganda and Uganda’s neighbouring countries to the public.

Turbine Art Fair Talks

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The Turbine Art Fair (17 - 20 July 2014) Talks and Film Programme will be extended to include a wide range of artists, art professionals and collectors, including Art South Africa's Brendon Bell-Roberts.

Human Zoos: from Colonial Practice to Participatory Art

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by Morgan Quaintance

Colonial Method

Throughout colonial history, occidental forces seeking to capitalize on natural and human resources in their respective colonies employed the dehumanization of natives as a strategy to justify and maintain subjection on a massive scale. It was a project designed to equate the west with “civilization” and the rest with savagery, barbarism and the primitive mind. Abroad, not content with the domination and emasculation of peoples by force, coercive methods of western colonial practice advanced beyond the bloodied battlefield into the fertile grounds of foreign minds. The trick was to convince the native of his or her inherent inferiority. Utilizing science, religion and technology, colonizers sought to demonstrate to the native their moral, intellectual, natural and spiritual superiority.

Doing it in Colour

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by Sean O'Toole

He is best known for his black and white portraits of Nigerian women sporting elaborate sculptural hairdos, but J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere – or simply “Pa” Ojeikere to his many Lagosian admirers – also made colour photographs. In 1966, while working for West Africa Publicity Ltd., a specialist marketing company that grew out of a colonial business offering advertising services, Ojeikere took on his first job with Lintas, the in-house advertising department of Lever Brothers, the British company behind Lux soap.

Styles from the Streets

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Art South Africa's Fay Jackson attended the 'Styles from the Streets' exhibition in Johannesburg and spoke to some of the artists involved. Hosted by Grayscale concepts and David Brown Fine Art, 'Styles from the Streets' exhibited works by 12 of South Africa's young graffiti and street artists.

In Conversation with Deborah Willis

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Art South Africa in conversation with Deborah Willis Ph.D - Chair of the Department of Photography & Imaging, 
Tisch School of the Arts, New York University - on her involvement in the 'Art in Embassies' events in South Africa.

In Conversation with US Ambassador Patrick Gaspard

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Art South Africa in conversation with US Ambassador Patrick Gaspard on the events surrounding the arrival of his new collection, part of the 'Art in Embassies' programme: a hands-on mural project with US and local artists and residents in Langa; and a conversation about identity, race and history in contemporary art.

Cape Town // 17 Shelley Road