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1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair: Rakeb Sile | Addis Fine Art

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In January 2016 founders Mesai Haileleul and Rakeb Sile opened a gallery in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, called Addis Fine Art, aimed at creating a presence for Ethiopian artists in international spaces. Accumulatively the duo have twenty years experience in dealing and curating Fine Art from the region. ART AFRICA spoke with co-founder Rakeb Sile following a successful show at the FNB JoburgArtFair about their vision for the space and presentation at 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, London.

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair: Emo de Medeiros | 50 Golborne

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ART AFRICA spoke to Emo de Medeiros in light of his upcoming solo exhibition ‘Transpositions,’ which will be on show at 50 Golborne Gallery, London, from the 5th October – 20th November 2016, with a simultaneous installation and performance of Kaleta/Kaleta taking place in a former banquing hall in London’s Notting Hill area. The installation and performance will be open to the public between the 5th – 6th October. He will also be showcasing work at 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, London, which opens next week. 

'A Moment in Time': Michaela Rinaldi at Objekt | Design | Art Gallery, Franschhoek

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“I am really excited and grateful for being asked to paint for this solo at ODA. The large double volume space of the gallery lends itself perfectly to every piece and compliments my work beautifully. My work for ‘A Moment in Time’, captures my personal philosophy to remain present in the now as well as expresses the esence of my work as an artist, visualising emotions with the help of paint, brush & canvas.”

Meet Stephan Welz & Co's new Senior Art Specialist

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Stephan Welz & Co's new Senior Art Speciailist Chris de Klerk has been involved in the art industry since a very young age, having purchased his first painting at the tender age of just 9. His love for the art industry has flourished ever since. At a professional level, de Klerk started as an assistant in the Edoardo Villa museum while studying at the University of Pretoria.

A Haul of Modern Masters and Contemporary Pioneers

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Paintings dominate the offerings in Strauss & Co’s forthcoming October sale in Cape Town, but there is a noticeable contemporary attitude about this spring auction. Two still life paintings by pioneering South African painters, Irma Stern and Penny Siopis, rank among the standout lots. Produced in 1947 and 1983 respectively, the two works capture Stern and Siopis at very different moments in their careers. 

'Black Dog:' Oupa Lesime Sibeko at the National Gallery of Namibia's (NAGN) Oudano Wa Africa Project Space

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‘Black Dog’ is a series of still photographs by the South African artist, Oupa Lesime Sibeko. Each photograph contains a figure, usually in a standing position. Sibeko collaborated with the photographic artist Benjamin Skinner in creating this subject matter. Through using himself as the model, the artist has created himself as both the subject and the object. Sibeko acknowledges that this collaboration with Benjamin Skinner was significant and productive. Skinner’s photographic skills allowed Sibeko to tap into the variety of emotions as expressed through the lens of Skinner’s camera. It is evident from this series of photographic stills that the collaboration proved particularly successful.

Such Sweet Thunder: Alexandra Karakashian and the Catastrophic Imagination

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Alexandra Karakashian’s rise to celebrity status was rapid, as her debut coincided with the international resurgence of interest in abstraction. However as the SMAC exhibition ‘GROUND’ reveals, her paintings are an acquired taste for she is utterly uncompromising: refusing point-blank to make any concessions, or woo the viewer with blandishments. Alexandra holds the merely decorative in contempt, and concedes that the shimmering beauty of her paintings is as lethal as the Siren’s song that almost lured Ulysses and his crew to shipwreck and a briny grave.

'Constructing Imagination:' Janko de Beer at ODA |, Franschhoek

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There is an iconic aerial image of Cape Town - taken from the air above the ocean - with the city’s Natural Wonder, Table Mountain, in the background, the harbour and Waterfront to the left and Lion’s Head to the right. In the middle of the image is the Green Point stadium, built for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The stretch of beach directly below the stadium is where artist Janko de Beer collects the bull kelp for his contemporary futurist sculptures, Janko de Beer constructs his sculptures by first creating a metal armature, which is then meticulously shrouded in dry bull kelp stems, bulbs and fins. Details and depth are added using non-drying modelling clay. The sculpture is then moulded and cast into limited editions of bronze and resin. His latest solo exhibition, 'Constructing Imagination,' will be on show from the 10th - 29th September 2016 at the ODA Gallery in Franschhoek, Cape Town. 

FNB JoburgArtFair 2016: CIRCA/Everard Read

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Established in 1913, Everard Read Gallery has played a large role in the national and international growth of artistic practice from South Africa. In 2009 they developed a new space dedicated to contemporary South African art, CIRCA, a now iconic building within the Johannesburg landscape. This feature provides an insider's glimpse into the work of three prominent artists exhibiting at the Everard Read and CIRCA gallery's stand - Lyndi Sales, Rina Stutzer, and Pauline Gutter - all of whom have concurrent exhibitions running in Johannesburg during the month of September 2016. 


Cape Town // 17 Shelley Road